StroodleDoodle Available Now!

For both Mobile Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headsets.

Let's see how it works!

This app is like Digital Play-Dough. All ages can learn how to use it in less than 10 minutes.


Make Shapes

Like a play-dough machine for AR, the canvas extruder is where you can draw 2D shapes and pop them into the third dimension. Just set the Extrusion Depth and stamp a copy of your shape into the world.



Positioning objects in a traditional 3D editor is tedious and complex, but here, it could not be simpler. Just swipe and pinch, or grab and drop any shapes to position them wherever you want. You can even scale your creations up to be life sized! Hello virtual spaces.



Save directly to sketchfab and share straight to social networks! Find it after you export at our Sketchfab Account. More advanced users can export directly to their own sketchfab accounts. Share your work!

What our customers say

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New to AR? This is so much fun!

"I've been hesitant to get into all the new AR stuff happening on iPhone but this app makes it so simple and really enjoyable! It's not about AR and complicated tech, it's about easily bringing expressive visual design to a new format. Love it."

Marc Plotkin

ARKit Works Flawlessly!

"Unlike other apps, StroodleDoodle doesn’t seem to need any calibration! I open the app and it lets me instantly draw and add my 3D objects into the real world. Can’t wait to make a bunch of cool stuff with this!"


Easy path to AR kit

"I’m not a coder but have been wanting to mess around with AR Kit. This made it so easy! The videos really show you what you can do with this app and made it even easier."


Plug and Play!

"Doesn’t really require any knowledge to just jump in and make things inside AR right on your desk! No bugs no hassle. just good Augmented fun. 😊"

Apple stars reviews


Click to view in 3D.

Coming soon to Android and More VR Platforms

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